My Journey in art sparked my passion for photography. I initially got into photography to capture reference images for my own drawings and paintings. As I got more into the art of photography I appreciated and became influenced by photographers like Helmut Newton, I really admired his style. The art of black and white photography was another big influence for me then, I would go down to the local Borders book store and grab a coffee the sit down and go through books of Ansel Adams work and look through fine art black & white magazines for hours at a time.

I really got into the art of lighting for photography not just for portraiture but also for product shoots and my fine art photography style. When I got my studio I would spend hours experimenting with lighting for different types of shots. In my opinion, learning to light your subject and how you would manipulate your light source is so important to your craft. With this skill set I offer my clients custom photography that meets their needs.

Tony Ávila

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