A friend of mine Raul asked if I wanted to photograph Liz Barajas, she is new modeling and I have quite a bit of experience working with models. I had been making a point to go out and shoot every weekend at the time. I met Raul, Liz and my friend Johnny Lopez, who’s also a photographer at Blaine Park in Visalia, CA on a beautiful autumn afternoon and did a quick shoot.


I wanted to do some fill flash techniques, I’m not the biggest fan of the manufactures flashes for their DSLRs cameras, I prefer to have a little studio strobe on site and shoot every thing in manual mode. So I pulled out my SB800 flash and put it on my Nikon D300, it had been a while since I used.


But on this particular shot, I noticed that Johnny brought his gold reflector, so I turned my SB800 off and asked him if he could help and reflect some light on Liz. One thing about living in the San Joaquin Valley, we get plenty of sun light through out the year! I liked how the light on the reflector worked, it warmed up Liz’s skin tones and added a nice catch light in her beautiful eyes to boot!


I had a great time that afternoon shooting with Johnny and working with Liz, it was her first experience at modeling and she did great.