Show 19 Joe, and I share our ideas on buying a new camera. A bit of a loaded topic to tackle but we give our own subjective opinions on what cameras to look at currently. There are great starter sub $500 APC DSLR kits you can buy now, and if you hunt around a sub $800 APC mirrorless kit that you can purchase. The best advice I could give someone who is thinking of buying a new camera is to do some research and if possible go to a camera store and actually hold and test the camera for yourself. Joe has more information on his blog about buying a new camera.  

At the time of recording this show Nikon had a Z 6 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 24-70mm f4 Lens, FTZ Mount Adapter, and Bag Kit for $2,396.95, even though this is a quite a bit more than than some of the basic starter kits, but for a full frame mirrorless cabers with nice video specs to boot, in my opinion I would look into it if I were buying a new camera and knew that I was going to get serious about photography. I have personally played with the Nikon Z 6, I do like the ergonomics and I’m also familiar with the menu system. While Sony has quite a few full frame mirrorless cabers out there now, I’m not a fan of their camera menu systems or their ergonomics. 

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