In this show 16 it’s all about filters, returning co-host Joe Engelbrecht and I talk about our favorite type of screw on filters for our lenses that we use for our photography. I primarily just use a protective UV filter for the front of my lens then I use a step up ring adapter for my 77mm neutral density filter or circular polarizer filter. I made a slight error when describing how I use a step up ring, I first get a UV filter to the size of the filter thread of the lens the use a step up to a 77mm ring when i use the neutral density filter or polarizer filter.

I started using these neutral density filters from Breakthrough Photography, they are great high quality filters that have no color cast what so ever that I have seen. I’m very interested in the filter system from Wine Country Camera, I like their design of the 100mm filter holder and filters. Joe did a great blog on he uses ND filters.

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