In this episode I have a great discussion with Joe Engelbrecht on how much editing is too much. There are photographers that think of themselves as purists and believe that no editing should be done – period. But, If your image comes out of the camera a little flat and you boost the contrast or bring out some shadow detail to create the image as you saw it, should that be considered as fake or doctored up? There are times where some photographers get carried away with over processing an image, and then it does look fake. Joe has a great article on the subject of image editing on his blog.

We also discuss the hype and the fallout of Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I was surprised how fast these what I call “socialmediaographers” got their YouTube videos up, pronouncing doom and gloom, without having touched the camera. There is always going to be disappointment over features that were left out that you want. It seems that the one card slot caught the most flak of all, and that is totally understandable. Sometimes I think these “socialmediaographers” are just out to get more clicks on their YouTube channels in order to outdo the other photographer YouTubers. Others want their egos massaged.

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